A Boutique Agency

In the advertising community, the term is used for an advertising agency that focuses primarily on the creative aspects of developing advertisements. In the creative community, such agencies are small companies that represent a limited client list and offer highly personalized service.

A boutique, on the other hand, is by definition “a small company that offers highly specialized services or products” (Webster’s Dictionary). A micro-niche, by this definition, qualifies as a boutique.

The micro-niche boutique can be distinguished by the unique experience in which products and services are delivered to a narrowly defined group of clients. Other definitions of a boutique point to the true distinguishing characteristics: exclusivity and customized service.

Any other kind of boutique business, several defining characteristics can be identified.

1. Size

— Boutiques are and must be small in order to provide the customized service and experience to their exclusive clients. Retail boutiques are physically small stores with a limited product line in limited sizes, colors, etc.

2. Uniqueness

— Something is different and unique about the surroundings.

3. Personal attention

— Everyone in the boutique recognizes every micro-niche boutique on sight. The tastes, needs and preferences of each boutique client are known. Everything that surrounds the client of the boutique conveys that he or she is understood and valued. The staff caters to the needs of the client.

4. Unique staff

— Successful boutiques are staffed with people who have a profound commitment to personalized service every time for every client.

5. Surprise benefits

— Boutique clients or customers typically discover some surprise benefit of doing business with the boutique they did not expect. This benefit need not be exceptional or costly. It must be unexpected in some way, however.

6. Comprehensive excellence

— The boutique delivers its client the most and the best. As an expert, a boutique is clearly in a position to provide the best products or services. Because it focuses on the needs and preferences of a very small and exclusive group, able to provide a meaningful response to the most needs of client.


Before we create your product we like to get to know you. By understanding your individual or company philosophy we can establish three important factors: the design concept, the materials we select and the method of implementation.

Commitment to deliver a timely, quality and affordable service.

Good design takes time. But we know your time is valuable. Prior to commencing we will provide a realistic time-frame in which to complete all aspects of your project, from start to finish. You needn’t pay through the nose – we will always do our best to keep costs low without compromising quality.


Ready to roll! Now that we have a handle on who you are and what it is you are after it’s time to get crackin’. Throughout the course of creating your product we will be busy with several tasks, from selecting fonts to drawing logos to choosing paper. Don’t worry, we will keep you informed every step of the way and there will be ample opportunity for you to request changes so we get it exactly right.