Julia W.

Writer and passionate foodie

  • Business Card

The concept for Julia’s name card derives from her blog titled ‘The Sound of One Pan Frying’. According to Julia, “one of the most ear-snagging sections of the soundtrack to my life in Indonesia is the splatter and bubble of oil emanating from warung, rumah makan and kaki lima lining the streets. One of my favourite Australian novels is Richard Flanagan’s The Sound of One Hand Clapping. In Indonesia I can almost always hear the sound of one pan frying.”

Incidentally, upon reviewing the first draft, Julia commented that the font used by our designer for ‘The Sound of One Pan Frying’ was indeed very similar to her own hand-writing. A perfect match!


  • - ArjoWiggins Curious Particles - Snow 250gsm Paper
  • - Kurz Alufin Satin Gloss and Milford Astor GFE 299 Gloss Black hotfoil stamped


  • - ArjoWiggins Keaykolour Antique - Jet Black 400gsm Paper