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Winter & Company, Switzerland

High strength, durable, non woven book covering material.
Wibalin Lite
A collection of creative, 100 g/m² cover materials. Ideal for Packaging, Folding Boxes, Printing and Stationery as well as many other graphic applications.
A product line of materials with the look of nature. Easy to use cover material unites the visual and touch. Different natural surfaces in matching shades allow for tasteful combinations. Through blind stamping astounding effects that enhance the natural image can be achieved. Because of the thermo reactive surface, very slight color variations in production lots may occur and lay within the nature of the products.


  • Bookbinding and Publishing
  • Catalogs
  • Stationery
  • Premium packaging
  • Folding boxes

Natural fibre surface structures range:

  • Bamboa: Visual of bamboo in the finest detail
  • Canvas: The look of a natural hand spun cotton weave
  • Kazar: Visual of distinctive bouché weave
  • Raphia: Unique design of woven Raphia fibers
  • Yuta: Look of refined, traditional jute weave
  • Pura: Originally smooth for easy print-ability and hot stamping

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