Yupo, Japan

Yupo Synthetic Paper

is a combination of plastic and paper chemical additives without any wood pulp. Yupo possesses adhesive adaptability far ahead of normal plastic products. It is superior to other kinds in gauge uniformity, write-ability, surface smoothness and prevention of static electricity. It can be succesfully applied to a very wide variety of fields, from industrial use to household use.

For Printing on Yupo, please use oxidizing ink:

  • ASP – Cemani Toka
  • POP – DIC Ink
  • TSP400 – Toyo Ink



is newest synthetic paper and certified the run on the HP Indigo. NOT compatible for use with inkjet or laser printers.


Perfect for short run and customized pieces
No top coating required before printing
Good ink adhesion. No smear, chipping or scratching
Chemical, tear and stain resistant
Superior among synthetic for dimensional stability
100% waterproof

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