Product Design

Toiletries set prototype

Prototype ver. 2 (Uncoated Teakwood)

Pro: Water-resist, flexible, hardy, light, handmade. Made with reuse-able material. 
Cons: Absorbs moisture (not ideal for humid climates).

The design concept for this toiletry set arose from the idea of presenting a full toiletry set with soap pump, toothbrush/toothpaste holder, cotton bud (or other) holder, soap dish and tea light candle holder as one package which could be disassembled and each component utilized in accordance with it’s purpose. The unique interlocking design of the set means it can be “stacked” tall as one piece and presented as one set.

In the beginning, the material under consideration to produce the toiletry set was marble stone. This was based on wanting to reflect nature (like stones in a river). However the first prototype produced using this material was very heavy and considered too dangerous for handling. After this, it was decided that wood would be a better option as it is lighter but still a natural material. Two types of wood were considered: teak and coconut-tree. Tools made from these types of wood are commonly used by farmers and therefore resistant to various environmental conditions and water.

The second prototype was produced using teak wood. The result is a clean, natural look. The interlocking system works well and the product is light but hardy. However, it is still a work in progress. It was discovered that left in this natural state it is susceptible to humidity. Therefore, future consideration will need to be given to “finishing” the product using a coating which provides protection against moisture and humidity. Research into the use of wood from the coconut tree and other types of wood continues.